Peter’s Articles: Honda Accord

Honda Accord

My second car, the first one I bought myself, was a Honda Accord sedan.

It was a 1990 model, and I really liked the car, possibly because it replaced my first car, a 1977 Lancer. It accelerated well and handled reasonably, but the turning circle was terrible. Apparently there was a four wheel steering version of the card to compensate for that, but that would scare me as it allowed for running in to polls side on while parking.

Nikola never liked it because she found the vibrations too unpleasant. I have since replaced it with a Ford Fairmont wagon, which in turn I (well really, Nikola) would like to replace with a Ford Territory.

Although it was always very reliable for me, it degenerated very quickly after I sold it to my sister - whether this says anything about the reliability of the car or my sister’s maintenance habbits, I am not sure.

Written: 2006-02-06