Peter’s Programming Notes: Mac OS Error List

Mac OS Error List

32767 dsSysErr
General system error (catch-all used in DSAT)

20109 dsShutDownOrResume

20010 dsSCSIWarn

20004 dsDirtyDisk

20003 dsRemoveDisk

20002 dsForcedQuit
Allow the user to ExitToShell, return if Cancel

20001 dsSwitchOffOrRestart
User choice between switching off and Restart

20000 dsShutDownOrRestart
User choice between ShutDown and Restart

1010 dsBadLibrary

All command words less than this are errors

Application or user requested abort

106 dsBufPtrTooLow
BufPtr moved too far during boot

105 dsNotEnoughRAMToBoot
Must have at least 1.5MB of RAM to boot 7.0

104 dsNeedToWriteBootBlocks
Need to write new boot blocks

103 ds32BitMode
Booting in 32-bit on a 24-bit system

102 dsOldSystem
System is too old for this ROM

101 dsParityErr
Memory parity error

99 dsBadPatch
Can’t load patch resource

98 dsNoPatch
Can’t patch for particular Model Mac

90 dsNoFPU
An FPU instruction was executed and the machine doesn’t have one

89 dsMDEFNotFound
Could not load MDEF

88 dsCDEFNotFound
Could not load CDEF

87 dsWDEFNotFound
Could not load WDEF

86 dsHMenuFindErr
Hierarchical menus cannot be recursive

85 dsMBarNFnd
MBDF resource not found

84 menuPrgErr
A menu was purged

83 dsBadPatchHeader
SetTrapAddress saw the “come-from” header

81 dsBadSANEOpcode
Bad opcode given to SANE Pack4

Serial driver error

File thread doesn’t exist

Thread belongs to a directory not a file

Detected bad catalog structure

51 dsBadSlotInt
Unserviceable slot interrupt

Drive number in response packet was wrong

Sequence number in response packet was wrong

First byte in response packet was wrong

43 dsSystemFileErr
Can’t find System file to open (sad Mac only)

42 shutDownAlert dsBadStartupDisk
Shutdown error / Unable to mount boot volume (sad Mac only)

41 dsFinderErr
Can’t load the Finder error

40 dsGreeting
Welcome to Macintosh greeting

Checksum error on response packet

Time out waiting for HSHK high

Time out waiting for sync after holdoff

Record doesn’t fit in node

Math result not representable

33 negZcbFreeErr
Math argument out or range for domain of function

Serial hardware overrun

31 dsNotThe1
Too many links

30 dsReinsert
Read-only file system

Illegal seek

28 dsStknHeap
No space left on device / Stack has moved into application heap

27 dsFSErr
File too large / File system map has been trashed

26 dsBadLaunch
Text file busy / Can’t launch file

25 dsMemFullErr
Not an interactive device / Out of memory

24 dsNoPk7
Too many open files

23 dsNoPk6
File table overflow

22 dsNoPk5
Invalid or unsupported parameter

21 dsNoPk4
Is a directory

20 dsNoPk3
Not a directory

19 dsNoPk2
No such device

18 dsNoPk1
Cross-device link

17 dsNoPackErr
File exists

16 dsFPErr
Mount device busy / Floating Point error / Serial driver error

15 dsLoadErr
Block device required / Segment loader error

14 sdmPriInitErr dsIOCoreErr
Bad address / I/O Core Error

13 dsIrqErr sdmPRAMInitErr
Permission denied / Slot PRAM uninitialized / Uninstalled interrupt error

12 sdmSRTInitErr dsCoreErr
Not enough memory / Slot resource table uninitialized / Unimplemented Core

11 dsMiscErr sdmInitErr
Miscellaneous hardware exception error

10 scComplPhaseErr dsLineFErr sdmJTInitErr
SCSIComplete failed; bus not in status phase

9 dsLineAErr
File not open or bad file number

8 scSequenceErr telNoTools dsTraceErr
Attempted operation was out of sequence (e.g., SCSISelect before SCSIGet)

7 scMgrBusyErr dsPrivErr
Insufficient space for return argument / SCSI Manager busy with another

6 scCompareErr dsOvflowErr
No such device

5 scPhaseErr dsChkErr
I/O error

4 dsZeroDivErr scBadParmsErr
Interrupted system call

3 siInitSPTblErr dsIllInstErr scArbNBErr
No such resource / Arbitration failed during SCSIGet; bus busy /
uninitialized slot priority table

2 scCommErr BreakOverflow siInitVBLQsErr stringOverflow dsAddressErr
No such file

1 evtNotEnb BreakChar smLastByte siInitSDTblErr dsBusError Truncated
Event type not designated in system event mask / bus error / uninitialized
slot interrupt dispatch table

0 BreakWord smSingleByte NotTruncated tokenOK tsmComponentNoErr
No error

-1 crmGenericError tmGenericError smFirstByte truncErr ftGenericError
qErr cmGenericError kFatalSearchError kMailMiscError telGenericError SIG_ERR
TruncErr ctbuGenericError cdevGenErr kActionAtomResultFatalError smTruncErr
smBadVerb kFatalError
Saving spool file / Entry not in queue

-2 vTypErr smBadScript
Invalid queue element

-3 corErr
Core routine number out of range

-4 unimpErr SCPSDisabledwErr
Unimplemented core routine

-5 SlpTypeErr
Invalid Power Manager queue element

-8 seNoDB
No debugger installed to handle debugger command

Miscellaneous system error

-10 dsMacsBugInstalled
MacsBug installed

-11 dsDisassemblerInstalled
Disassembler installed

-12 dsHD20Installed
Process ID not in valid range or unavailable

-13 dsExtensionsDisabled
Extensions disabled

-17 controlErr
Driver Can’t respond to Control call / Unimplemented control instruction

-18 statusErr
Driver Can’t respond to Status call

-19 readErr
Driver Can’t respond to Read call

-20 writErr
Driver Can’t respond to Write call

-21 badUnitErr
Driver reference number doesn’t match unit table

-22 unitEmptyErr
Driver reference number specifies NIL handle in unit table

-23 openErr
Requested read/write permission doesn’t match driver’s open permission /
Attempt to open RAM Serial Driver failed

-24 closErr
Close error

-25 dRemovErr
Attempt to remove an open driver

-26 dInstErr
Couldn’t find driver in resource file

-27 iIOAbortErr abortErr
I/O request aborted by KillIO / I/O abort error

-28 notOpenErr
Driver isn’t open

-29 unitTblFullErr
Unit table has no more entries

-30 dceExtErr
DCE extension error

-33 dirFulErr
File directory full

-34 dskFulErr
All allocation blocks on the volume are full

-35 nvsErr nsvErr
Specified volume doesn’t exist

-36 ioErr
I/O error

-37 bdNamErr
Bad file name or volume name (perhaps zero-length)

-38 fnOpnErr
File not open

-39 eofErr
Logical end-of-file reached during read operation

-40 posErr
Attempt to position before start of file

-41 mFulErr
Memory full (open) or file won’t fit (load)

-42 tmfoErr
Too many files open

-43 fnfErr
File not found

-44 wPrErr
Volume is locked by a hardware setting

-45 fLckdErr flLckdErr flLckedErr
File is locked

-46 vLckdErr
Volume is locked by a software flag

-47 fBsyErr
File is busy; one or more files are open

-48 dupFNErr
File with specified name and version number already exists

-49 opWrErr
The read/write permission of only one access path to a file can allow writing

-50 paramErr
Error in parameter list / Not an existing volume, and no default volume /
Bad positioning information / Bad drive number

-51 rfNumErr
Path reference number specifies nonexistent access path

-52 gfpErr
Error getting file position

-53 volOffLinErr volOfflinErr
Volume not on-line

-54 permErr
Attempt to open locked file for writing

-55 volOnLinErr
Specified volume is already mounted and on-line

-56 nsDrvErr
No such drive; specified drive number doesn’t match any number in the drive

-57 noMacDskErr
Not a Macintosh disk; volume lacks Macintosh-format directory

-58 extFSErr
External file system; file-system identifier is non zero, or path reference
number is greater than 1024

-59 fsRnErr
Problem during rename

-60 badMDBErr
Bad master directory block; must reinitialize volume

-61 wrPermErr
Read/write permission doesn’t allow writing

-64 noDriveErr fontDecError lastDskErr
Drive isn’t connected / Font declaration error / I/O error

-65 fontNotDeclared offLinErr
No disk in drive / Font not declared

-66 fontSubErr noNybErr
Disk is probably blank / Font substitution occurred

-67 noAdrMkErr
Can’t find an address mark

-68 dataVerErr
Read verify failed

-69 badCksmErr
Bad address mark (checksum didn’t check)

-70 badBtSlpErr
Bad address mark (bit slip nibbles)

-71 noDtaMkErr
Can’t find a data mark

-72 badDCksum
Bad data mark checksum

-73 badDBtSlp
Bad data mark bit slip nibbles

-74 wrUnderrun
Write underrun occurred

-75 cantStepErr
Drive error

-76 tk0BadErr
Can’t find track 0

-77 initIWMErr
Can’t initialize disk controller chip

-78 twoSideErr
Tried to read side 2 of a disk in a single-sided drive

-79 spdAdjErr
Can’t correctly adjust disk speed

-80 seekErr
Drive error (track number wrong in address mark)

-81 sectNFErr
Can’t find sector

-82 fmt1Err
Can’t find sector 0 after track format

-83 fmt2Err
Cannot synchronize

-84 verErr firstDskErr
Track failed to verify / I/O error

-85 clkRdErr
Unable to read clock

-86 clkWrErr
Time written did not verify

-87 prWrErr
Parameter RAM written did not verify

-88 prInitErr
Parameter RAM uninitialized

-89 rcvrErr
SCC receiver error

-90 breakRecd
SCC break received

-91 ddpSktErr eMultiErr
AppleTalk socket error: socket already active; not a known socket; socket
table full; all dynamic socket numbers in use / Multicast address error

-92 ddpLenErr eLenErr
AppleTalk data length too big

-93 noBridgeErr
No AppleTalk bridge found

-94 lapProtErr
AppleTalk error in attaching/detaching protocol

-95 excessCollsns
Excessive collisions on AppleTalk write

-96 portNotPwr

-97 portInUse
Driver open error; port already in use

-98 portNotCf
Driver open error; port not configured for this connection

-99 memROZWarn memROZErr memROZError
Error in ROZ

-100 noScrapErr
Desk scrap isn’t initialized

-102 noTypeErr
No object of that type in scrap

-108 iMemFullErr memFullErr
Not enough room in heap zone

-109 nilHandleErr
NIL master pointer

-110 memAdrErr
Address was odd, or out of range

-111 memWZErr
Attempt to operate on a free block

-112 memPurErr
Attempt to purge a locked or non-purgeable block

-113 memAZErr
Address in zone check failed

-114 memPCErr
Pointer check failed

-115 memBCErr
Block check failed

-116 memSCErr
Size check failed

-117 memLockedErr
Block is locked

-120 dirNFErr
Directory not found

-121 tmwdoErr
Too many working directories open

-122 badMovErr
Attempt to move into offspring (file system)

-123 wrgVolTypErr
Attempt to do a hierarchical operation on a non hierarchical volume

-124 volGoneErr
Server volume has been disconnected

-125 updPixMemErr
Insufficient memory to update a pixmap

-126 mBarNFnd
System error code for MBDF not found

-127 hMenuFindErr
Could not find HMenu’s parent in MenuKey

-128 usrCanceledErr userCanceledErr
User canceled the query

No file thread exists

Directory specified

File id already exists

-145 noMemForPictPlaybackErr
Not enough memory for picture

-147 rgnTooBigError rgnOverflowErr
Region accumulation failed. Resulting region may be corrupt

-148 pixMapTooDeepErr
Pixel map record is deeper than 1 bit per pixel

-149 insufficientStackErr nsStackErr
QuickDraw could not complete the operation (insufficient stack)

-150 cMatchErr
Color2Index failed to find an index

-151 cTempMemErr
Failed to allocate memory for temporary structures

-152 cNoMemErr
Failed to allocate memory for structure

-153 cRangeErr
Range error in colorTable request

-154 cProtectErr
ColorTable entry protection violation

-155 cDevErr
Invalid type of graphics device

-156 cResErr
Invalid resolution for MakeITable

-157 cDepthErr
Invalid pixel depth

Invalid parameter

-170 cmProfileError

-171 cmMethodError

-178 cmCantConcatenateError

-185 badExtResource
Extended resource has a bad format.

-186 CantDecompress
Resource bent - Can’t decompress a compressed resource

-188 resourceInMemory
Resource already in memory

-189 writingPastEnd
Writing past end of file

-190 inputOutOfBounds
Offset or count out of bounds

-192 resNotFound
Resource not found

-193 resFNotFound
Resource file not found

-194 addResFailed
AddResource failed

-195 addRefFailed
AddReference failed

-196 rmvResFailed
RmveResource failed

-197 rmvRefFailed
RmveReference failed

-198 resAttrErr
Resource attribute error

-199 mapReadErr
Resource map read error

-200 noHardwareErr
No sound hardware

-201 notEnoughHardwareErr
All available channels are already open for the synthesizer

-203 queueFull
Sound channel full

-204 resProblem
Sound resource error

-205 badChannel
Bad sound channel specified

-206 badFormat
Bad sound resource format

-207 notEnoughBufferSpace
Could not allocate enough memory

-208 badFileFormat
Corrupt/bad format or not of type AIFF

-209 channelBusy
The Channel is being used already

-210 buffersTooSmall
Can not operate in the memory allowed

Channel not currently used

-212 noMoreRealTime
Not enough CPU cycles left to add another task

A parameter is incorrect

-220 siNoSoundInHardware
No Sound Input hardware

-221 siBadSoundInDevice
Invalid Sound Input device

-222 siNoBufferSpecified
No buffer specified

-223 siInvalidCompression
Invalid compression type

-224 siHardDriveTooSlow
Hard disk drive too slow to record to disk

-225 siInvalidSampleRate
Invalid sample rate

-226 siInvalidSampleSize
Invalid sample size

-227 siDeviceBusyErr
Input device already in use

-228 siBadDeviceName
Input device could not be opened

-229 siBadRefNum
Invalid input device reference number

-230 siInputDeviceErr
Input device hardware failure

-231 siUnknownInfoType
Unknown type of information

-232 siUnknownQuality
Unknown quality

No synthesizer found

Synthesizer open failed

Synthesizer not ready

Buffer too small

Voice not found

Incompatible voice

Bad dictionary format

Bad input text

-250 midiNoClientErr
No client with that ID found

-251 midiNoPortErr
No port with that ID found

-252 midiTooManyPortsErr
Too many ports already installed in the system

-253 midiTooManyConsErr
Too many connections made

-254 midiVConnectErr
Pending virtual connection created

-255 midiVConnectMade
Pending virtual connection resolved

-256 midiVConnectRmvd
Pending virtual connection removed

-257 midiNoConErr
No connection exists between specified ports

-258 midiWriteErr
MIDIWritePacket couldn’t write to all connected ports

-259 midiNameLenErr
Name supplied is longer than 31 characters

-260 midiDupIDErr
Duplicate client ID

-261 midiInvalidCmdErr
Command not supported for port type

-290 smSDMInitErr
SDM could not be initialized

-291 smSRTInitErr
Slot Resource Table could not be initialized

-292 smPRAMInitErr
Slot Resource Table could not be initialized

-293 smPriInitErr
Cards could not be initialized

-299 nmTypErr
Wrong queue type

-300 smEmptySlot
No card in slot

-301 smCRCFail
CRC check failed

-302 smFormatErr
The format of the declaration ROM is wrong

-303 smRevisionErr
The revision of the declaration ROM is wrong

-304 smNoDir
There is no directory

-305 smDisabledSlot
The longword test failed

-306 smNosInfoArray
The SDM was unable to allocate memory for the sInfo array

-307 smResrvErr
A reserved field of the declaration ROM was used

-308 smUnExBusErr
An unexpected bus error occurred

-309 smBLFieldBad
A valid ByteLane field was not found

-310 smFHBlockRdErr
The F-Header block could not be read

-311 smFHBlkDispErr
The F-Header block could not be disposed

-312 smDisposePErr
Error occurred during _DisposePointer

-313 smNoBoardSRsrc
No board sResource

-314 smGetPRErr
Error occurred during _sGetPRAMRec

-315 smNoBoardId
No board id

-316 smInitStatVErr
The InitStatus_V field was negative after primary init

-317 smInitTblVErr
Error occurred while trying to initialize the slot resource table

-318 smNoJmpTbl smReservedSlot
SDM jump table could not be created

-319 smBadBoardId
Board ID was wrong: Init the PRAM record

-320 smBusErrTO
Bus error timeout

-330 smBadRefId
Reference id not found in the given list

-331 smBadsList
The id’s in the given sList are not in ascending order

-332 smReservedErr
A reserved field was not zero

-333 smCodeRevErr
The revision code to be executed by sExec was wrong

-334 smCPUErr
The CPU field of the code to be executed by sExec was wrong

-335 smsPointerNil
The sPointer is nil; no list is specified

-336 smNilsBlockErr
The physical block size of an sBlock was zero

-337 smSlotOOBErr
Slot out of bounds or does not exist

-338 smSelOOBErr
Selector out of bounds

-339 smNewPErr
Error occurred during _NewPtr

-340 smBlkMoveErr
Error occurred during _BlockMove

-341 smCkStatusErr
Status of slot is bad

-342 smGetDrvrNamErr
Error occurred during _sGetDrvrName

-343 smDisDrvrNamErr
Error occurred during _sDisDrvrName

-344 smNoMoresRsrcs
No more sResources

-345 smsGetDrvrErr
Error occurred during _sGetDriver

-346 smBadsPtrErr
Bad sPointer was passed to a SDM call

-347 smByteLanesErr
NumByteLanes was determined to be zero

-348 smOffsetErr
Offset was too big

-349 smNoGoodOpens
No opens were successful in the loop

-350 smSRTOvrFlErr
SRT overflow

-351 smRecNotFnd
Record not found in the SRT

-360 slotNumErr
Invalid slot number

-400 gcrOnMFMErr
GCR format on high density media error

-410 notBTree
The file is not a dictionary

-413 btNoSpace
Can’t allocate disk space

-414 btDupRecErr
Record already exists

-415 btRecNotFnd
Record cannot be found

-416 btKeyLenErr
Maximum key length is too long or equal to zero

-417 btKeyAttrErr
There is no such a key attribute

-431 fsmFFSNotFoundErr

-432 fsmBusyFFSErr

-433 fsmBadFFSNameErr

-434 fsmBadFSDLenErr

-435 fsmDuplicateFSIDErr

-436 fsmBadFSDVersionErr

-437 fsmNoAlternateStackErr

-438 fsmUnknownFSMMessageErr

-450 editionMgrInitErr
Edition manager not initialized or could not load package.

-451 badSectionErr
Not a valid section type

-452 notRegisteredSectionErr
Not a registered section type

-453 badEditionFileErr
Edition file is corrupt

-454 badSubPartErr
Bad edition container spec or invalid edition container

-460 multiplePublisherWrn
A Publisher is already registered for that container

-461 containerNotFoundWrn
Alias was not resolved

-462 containerAlreadyOpenWrn
Container already opened by this section

-463 notThePublisherWrn
Not the first registered publisher for that container

Invalid field(s) in the parameter block (SCSI)

Attempted to transfer too many bytes (SCSI)

Write flag conflicts with data transfer phase (SCSI)

(SCSI)us error during transfer (SCSI)

scsiSelTO exceeded (selection failed) (SCSI)

scsiReqTO exceeded (SCSI)

The bus was reset, so your request was aborted (SCSI)

Non-zero (not “Good”) status returned (SCSI)

Device did not go through a status phase (SCSI)

Linked command never executed (SCSI)

Unimplemented routine was called (SCSI)

-490 userBreak
User debugger break

-491 strUserBreak
User debugger break - display string on stack

-492 exUserBreak
User debugger break - execute commands on stack

-500 rgnTooBigErr
Region is too big

-501 teScrapSizeErr
Scrap item too big for text edit record

-502 hwParamErr
Bad selector for _HWPriv

-600 procNotFound
No eligible process with specified process serial number

-601 memFragErr
Not enough room to launch application with special requirements

-602 appModeErr
Memory mode is 32-bit, but application is not 32-bit clean

-603 protocolErr
Application made module calls in improper order

-604 hardwareConfigErr
Hardware configuration is not correct for call

-605 appMemFullErr
Application SIZE not big enough for launch

-606 appIsDaemon
Application is background only

-607 bufferIsSmall
Buffer is too small

-608 noOutstandingHLE
No outstanding high-level event

-609 connectionInvalid
Connection is invalid

-610 noUserInteractionAllowed
Cannot interact directly with user

-617 threadTooManyReqsErr
Thread Manager--Too many reqs

-618 threadNotFoundErr
Thread not found

-619 threadProtocolErr
Bad thread protocol

-620 notEnoughMemoryErr
Insufficient physical memory

-621 notHeldErr
Specified range of memory is not held

-622 cannotMakeContiguousErr
Cannot make specified range contiguous

-623 notLockedErr
Specified range of memory is not locked

-624 interruptsMaskedErr
Called with interrupts masked

-625 cannotDeferErr
Unable to defer additional functions

-626 noMMUErr

-666 icPrefNotFoundErr

-667 icPermErr

-668 icPrefDataErr

-669 icInternalErr

-670 icTruncatedErr

-671 icNoMoreWritersErr

-672 icNothingToOverrideErr

-673 icNoURLErr

-674 icConfigNotFoundErr

-675 icConfigInappropriateErr

-800 rcDBNull
The data item was NULL

-801 rcDBValue
Data available or successfully retrieved

-802 rcDBError
Error executing function

-803 rcDBBadType
Next data item not of requested data type

-804 rcDBBreak
Function timed out

-805 rcDBExec
Query currently executing

-806 rcDBBadSessID
Session ID is invalid

-807 rcDBBadSessNum
Invalid session number

-808 rcDBBadDDEV rcDBBadDDev
Couldn’t open or find the specified database extension.

-809 rcDBAsyncNotSupp
The database extension does not support async calls

-810 rcDBBadAsyncPB rcDBBadAsynchPB
Invalid parameter block specified

-811 rcDBNoHandler
No application handler for specified data type

-812 rcDBWrongVersion
Wrong version

-813 rcDBPackNotInited
Attempt to call other routine before InitDBPack

-850 hmHelpDisabled
Show Balloons mode was off, call to routine ignored

Help Manager - resource not found

Help Manager - out of memory

-853 hmBalloonAborted
Because of constant cursor movement, the help balloon was not displayed

-854 hmSameAsLastBalloon
Menu & item is same as previous menu, item

-855 hmHelpManagerNotInited
Help menu not set up

Help Manager - bad selector

-857 hmSkippedBalloon
No balloon content to fill in

-858 hmWrongVersion
Help manager resource was the wrong version

-859 hmUnknownHelpType
Help message record contained a bad type

Help Manager - could not load package

-861 hmOperationUnsupported
Invalid method passed in the method parameter

-862 hmNoBalloonUp
No balloon showing

-863 hmCloseViewActive
User using Close View won’t let you remove balloons

-900 notInitErr
PPCToolBox not initialized

-902 nameTypeErr
Invalid or inappropriate locationKindSelector in location name

-903 noPortErr
Unable to open port or bad portRefNum

-904 noGlobalsErr
The system is unable to allocate memory, critical error

-905 localOnlyErr
Network activity is currently disabled

-906 destPortErr
Port does not exist at destination

-907 sessTableErr
Out of session tables

-908 noSessionErr
Invalid session reference number

-909 badReqErr
Bad parameter or invalid state for operation

-910 portNameExistsErr
A port is already open with this name

-911 noUserNameErr
User name unknown on destination machine

-912 userRejectErr
Destination rejected the session request

-913 noMachineNameErr
User hasn’t named his Macintosh in the Sharing Setup Control Panel

-914 noToolboxNameErr
A system resource is missing

-915 noResponseErr
Unable to contact application

-916 portClosedErr
The port was closed

-917 sessionClosedErr sessClosedErr
The session was closed

-919 badPortNameErr
PPCPortRec malformed

-922 noDefaultUserErr
User hasn’t specified an owner’s name in Sharing Setup Control Panel

-923 notLoggedInErr
The default userRefNum does not yet exist

-924 noUserRefErr
Unable to create a new userRefNum

-925 networkErr
Error has occurred in the network

-926 noInformErr
PPCStart failed because destination did not have inform pending

-927 authFailErr
User’s password is wrong

-928 noUserRecErr
Invalid user reference number

-930 badServiceMethodErr
Illegal service type, or not supported

-931 badLocNameErr
Location name is invalid

-932 guestNotAllowedErr
Destination port requires authentication

-1000 noMaskFoundErr
No mask found

Bad shared library

Mixed mode failure

-1024 nbpBuffOvr
NBP buffer overflow

NBP name not confirmed

-1026 nbpConfDiff
NBP name confirmed for different socket

-1027 nbpDuplicate nbpDuplicateName
NBP duplicate name already exists

-1028 nbpNotFound
NBP name not found

-1029 nbpNISErr
NBP names information socket error

-1066 aspBadVersNum
Server cannot support this ASP version

-1067 aspBufTooSmall
Buffer too small

-1068 aspNoMoreSess
No more sessions on server

-1069 aspNoServers
No servers at that address

-1070 aspParamErr
ASP parameter error

-1071 aspServerBusy
Server cannot open another session

-1072 aspSessClosed
Session closed

-1073 aspSizeErr
Command block too big

-1074 aspTooMany
Too many server clients

-1075 aspNoAck
No acknowledge on server attention request

ATPSndRequest failed: retry count exceeded

ATP too many concurrent requests

ATP too many responding sockets

ATP bad responding socket

ATP bad sequence number

-1101 noRelErr
ATP no release received

ATP control block not found

ATPAddRsp issued before ATPSndRsp

Too many outstanding ATP calls

Request aborted

-1273 errOpenDenied
Open connection request was denied

-1274 errDSPQueueSize
DSP Read/Write Queue Too small

-1275 errFwdReset
Read terminated by forward reset

-1276 errAttention
Attention message too long

-1277 errOpening
Open connection request failed

-1278 errState
Bad connection state for this operation

-1279 errAborted
Control call was aborted

-1280 errRefNum
Bad connection refNum

-1300 fidNotFound fidNotFoundErr
No file thread exists.

-1301 fidExists
File id already exists

-1302 notAFileErr
Directory specified

-1303 diffVolErr
Files on different volumes

-1304 catChangedErr
The catalog has been modified

-1305 desktopDamagedErr
Desktop database files are corrupted

-1306 sameFileErr
Can’t exchange a file with itself

-1307 badFidErr
File id is dangling or doesn’t match with the file number

-1308 notARemountErr
When _Mount allows only remounts and doesn’t get a remount.

-1309 fileBoundsErr

-1310 fsDataTooBigErr

-1504 kOCEVersionErr

-1505 kOCESyncAsyncErr

-1506 kOCEInternalErr

-1512 kOCEConnectionErr

-1625 kOCEStreamCreationErr

-1628 kOCEDSAMInstallErr

-1629 kOCEDirListFullErr

-1630 kOCEDirectoryNotFoundErr

-1637 kOCELengthError

-1643 kOCEMiscError

-1700 errAECoercionFail
Data could not be coerced to the requested data type

-1701 errAEDescNotFound
Descriptor was not found

-1702 errAECorruptData
Data in an AppleEvent could not be read

-1703 errAEWrongDataType
Data with a keyword was expected but not found

-1704 errAENotAEDesc
Not a valid AppleEvent descriptor

-1705 errAEBadListItem
Specified list item does not exist

-1706 errAENewerVersion
Need newer version of AppleEvent Manager

-1707 errAENotAppleEvent
The event is not in AppleEvent format

-1708 errAEEventNotHandled
The AppleEvent was not handled by any handler

-1709 errAEReplyNotValid
AEResetTimer was passed an invalid reply parameter

-1710 errAEUnknownSendMode
Mode wasn’t NoReply, WaitReply, or QueueReply; or Interaction level is unknown

-1711 errAEWaitCanceled
In AESend, User canceled out of wait loop for reply or receipt

-1712 errAETimeout
AppleEvent timed out

-1713 errAENoUserInteraction
No user interaction allowed

-1714 errAENotASpecialFunction
There is no special function with this keyword

-1715 errAEParamMissed
A required parameter was not accessed

-1716 errAEUnknownAddressType
The target address type is not known

-1717 errAEHandlerNotFound
No handler in the dispatch tables fits the parameters

-1718 errAEReplyNotArrived
The contents of the reply you are accessing have not arrived yet

-1719 errAEIllegalIndex
Index is out of range in a put operation

-1720 errAEImpossibleRange
Impossible range

-1721 errAEWrongNumberArgs
Wrong number of arguments

-1723 errAEAccessorNotFound
Accessor not found

-1725 errAENoSuchLogical
No such logical operator

-1726 errAEBadTestKey
Bad test key

-1727 errAENotAnObjectSpec errAENotAnObjSpec
Not an object specifier

-1728 errAENoSuchObject
No such object

-1729 errAENegativeCount
Negative count

-1730 errAEEmptyListContainer
Empty list container

-1731 errAEUnknownObjectType

-1732 errAERecordingIsAlreadyOn

-1750 errOSASystemError

-1751 errOSAInvalidID

-1752 errOSABadStorageType

-1753 errOSAScriptError

-1754 errOSABadSelector

-1756 errOSASourceNotAvailable

-1757 errOSANoSuchDialect

-1758 errOSADataFormatObsolete

-1759 errOSADataFormatTooNew

-1761 errOSAComponentMismatch

-1762 errOSACantOpenComponent

-1800 errOffsetInvalid
Apple Event offset invalid

-1801 errOffsetIsOutsideOfView
Apple Event offset outside of view

-1810 errTopOfDocument
Apple Event top of document

-1811 errTopOfBody
Apple Event top of body

-1812 errEndOfDocument
Apple Event end of document

-1813 errEndOfBody
Apple Event end of body

-1850 badDragRefErr
Unknown drag reference

-1851 badDragItemErr
Unknown drag item reference

-1852 badDragFlavorErr
Unknown flavor type (Drag Manager)

-1853 duplicateFlavorErr
Flavor type already exists (Drag Manager)

-1854 cantGetFlavorErr
Error while trying to get flavor data (Drag Manager)

-1855 duplicateHandlerErr
Handler already exists (Drag Manager)

-1856 handlerNotFoundErr
Handler not found (Drag Manager)

-1857 dragNotAcceptedErr
Drag was not accepted by receiver

-1926 kSMPParamCountErr

-1970 kSIGOperationIncompatibleErr

-1972 kSIGVerifyFailedErr

-1973 kSIGInvalidCredentialErr

-1974 kSIGIndexErr

-1975 kSIGSignerErr

-1976 kSIGPasswordErr

-1977 kSIGInternalsErr

-1978 kSIGToolboxNotPresentErr

-1979 kSIGContextPrepareErr

-1980 kSIGNoDigestErr

-1981 kSIGConversionErr

-1982 kSIGSignerNotValidErr

Could not resolve data reference

Bad image description

Bad public movie atom

Can’t find handler

Can’t open handler

Bad component type

No media handler

No data handler

Invalid media

Invalid track

Invalid movie

Invalid sample table

Invalid data reference

Invalid handler

Invalid duration

Invalid Time

Can’t put public movie atom

Bad edit list

Media types don’t match

Progress proc aborted

Movie toolbox uninitialized

WF file not found

-2022 cantCreateSingleForkFile
Can’t create single fork file

Invalid edit state

Non-matching edit state

Stale edit state

User data item not found

Max size to grow too small

Bad track index

Track ID not found

Track not in movie

Time not in track

Time not in media

Bad edit index

-2034 internalQuickTimeError
Internal QuickTime error

Can’t enable track

Invalid rectangle

Invalid sample number

Invalid chunk number

Invalid sample description index

Invalid chunk cache

Invalid sample description

Data not open for read

Data not open for write

Data already open for write

data already closed

End of data reached

No data reference

No movie found

Invalid data reference container

Bad data reference index

No defaultdata reference

Feature unsupported

-2054 noVideoTrackInMovieErr

-2055 noSoundTrackInMovieErr

-2056 soundSupportNotAvailableErr

Unsupported auxiliary import data

Auxiliary export data unavailable

-2059 samplesAlreadyInMediaErr
Samples already in media

-2062 movieTextNotFoundErr
Movie text not found

-2064 invalidSpriteWorldPropertyErr

-2065 invalidSpritePropertyErr

-2066 gWorldsNotSameDepthAndSizeErr

-2067 invalidSpriteIndexErr

-2068 invalidImageIndexErr

-2070 internalComponentErr

-2071 notImplementedMusicOSErr

-2072 cantSendToSynthesizerOSErr

-2073 cantReceiveFromSynthesizerOSErr

-2074 illegalVoiceAllocationOSErr

-2075 illegalPartOSErr

-2076 illegalChannelOSErr

-2077 illegalKnobOSErr

-2078 illegalKnobValueOSErr

-2079 illegalInstrumentOSErr

-2080 illegalControllerOSErr

-2081 midiManagerAbsentOSErr

-2082 synthesizerNotRespondingOSErr

-2083 synthesizerOSErr

-2084 illegalNoteChannelOSErr

-2085 noteChannelNotAllocatedOSErr

-2086 tunePlayerFullOSErr

-2087 tuneParseOSErr

-2201 digiUnimpErr

-2202 qtParamErr

-2203 matrixErr

-2204 notExactMatrixErr

-2205 noMoreKeyColorsErr

-2206 notExactSizeErr

-2207 badDepthErr

-2208 noDMAErr

-2209 badCallOrderErr

-2500 tsmUnsupScriptLanguageErr
Unsupported script language error

-2501 tsmInputMethodNotFoundErr
TSM input method not found

-2502 tsmNotAnAppErr
TSM not an application

-2503 tsmAlreadyRegisteredErr
TSM application already registered

-2504 tsmNeverRegisteredErr
TSM application not registered

-2505 tsmInvalidDocIDErr
Invalid TSM documentation ID

-2506 tsmTSMDocBusyErr
TSM document is still active

-2507 tsmDocNotActiveErr
TSM document is not active

-2508 tsmNoOpenTSErr
TSM no open text service

-2509 tsmCantOpenComponentErr
TSM Can’t open the component

-2510 tsmTextServiceNotFoundErr
TSM no text service found

-2511 tsmDocumentOpenErr
TSM there are open documents

-2512 tsmUseInputWindowErr
Not TSM aware because we are using input window

-2513 tsmTSHasNoMenuErr
TSM the text service has no menu

-2514 tsmTSNotOpenErr
TSM text service is not open

-2515 tsmComponentAlreadyOpenErr
TSM text service already opened for the document

-2516 tsmInputMethodIsOldErr
TSM returned by GetDefaultInputMethod

-2517 tsmScriptHasNoIMErr
TSM script has no input method or is using old IM

-2518 tsmUnsupportedTypeErr
TSM Unsupported interface type

-2519 tsmUnknownErr
TSM unknown error

-2526 mmInternalError
Mixed mode internal error

-2536 nrLockedErr

-2537 nrNotEnoughMemoryErr

-2538 nrInvalidNodeErr

-2539 nrNotFoundErr

-2540 nrNotCreatedErr

-2541 nrNameErr

-2542 nrNotSlotDeviceErr

-2543 nrDataTruncatedErr

-2544 nrPowerErr

-2545 nrPowerSwitchAbortErr

-2546 nrTypeMismatchErr

-2547 nrNotModifiedErr

-2548 nrOverrunErr

-2700 errOSAGeneralError

-2701 errOSADivideByZero

-2702 errOSANumericOverflow

-2703 errOSACantLaunch

-2704 errOSAAppNotHighLevelEventAware

-2705 errOSACorruptTerminology

-2706 errOSAStackOverflow

-2707 errOSAInternalTableOverflow

-2708 errOSADataBlockTooLarge

-2709 errOSACantGetTerminology

-2710 errOSACantCreate

-2720 errASCantConsiderAndIgnore
AppleScript Can’t consider and ignore

-2721 errASCantCompareMoreThan32k
AppleScript Can’t compare more than 32k

-2740 OSASyntaxError

-2741 OSASyntaxTypeError

-2755 OSAControlFlowError

-2760 errASTerminologyNestingTooDeep
AppleScript terminology nesting too deep

-2761 errASIllegalFormalParameter
AppleScript illegal formal parameter

-2762 errASParameterNotForEvent
AppleScript parameter not for event

-2763 errASNoResultReturned
AppleScript no result returned

-2780 errASInconsistentNames
AppleScript inconsistent names

-2800 fragContextNotFound
Fragment contextID not valid

-2801 fragConnectionIDNotFound
Fragment connectionID not valid

-2802 fragSymbolNotFound
Fragment symbol not found in connection

-2803 fragSectionNotFound
Fragment section not found

-2804 fragLibNotFound
Fragment library name not found in registry

-2805 fragDupRegLibName
Fragment registered name already in use

-2806 fragFormatUnknown
Fragment container format unknown

-2807 fragHadUnresolveds
Loaded fragment had “hard” unresolved imports

-2808 fragUnused1

-2809 fragNoMem
Fragment out of memory for internal bookkeeping

-2810 fragNoAddrSpace
Fragment out of memory in user’s address space for loadable section

-2811 fragNoContextIDs
Fragment no more context ids

-2812 fragObjectInitSeqErr
Fragment order error during user initialization function invocation

-2813 fragImportTooOld
Import library was too old and therefore incompatible

-2814 fragImportTooNew
Import library was too new and therefore incompatible

-2815 fragInitLoop
Fragment circularity detected in mandatory initialization order

-2816 fragInitRtnUsageErr
Boot library has initialization routine

-2817 fragLibConnErr
Error connecting to library (error occurred in sub prepare)

-2818 fragMgrInitErr
Error in initialization of CFM

-2819 fragConstErr
Fragment internal inconsistency

-2820 fragCorruptErr
Fragment container corrupted (known format)

-2821 fragUserInitProcErr
Fragment user initialization routine did not return noErr

-2822 fragAppNotFound
No application found in cfrg (for Process Manager)

-2823 fragArchError
Fragment targeted for an unacceptable architecture

-2824 fragInvalidFragmentUsage
Invalid fragment usage

-2899 fragLastErrCode

-3000 invalidComponentID
Invalid component ID

-3001 validInstancesExist
Valid instances exist

-3002 componentNotCaptured
Component not captured

Component doesn’t register

-3025 invalidTranslationPathErr
Invalid translation path

-3026 couldNotParseSourceFileErr
Could not parse source file

-3030 noTranslationPathErr
No translation path

-3031 badTranslationSpecErr
Bad translation spec

-3032 noPrefAppErr

-3101 buf2SmallErr
ALAP frame too large for buffer / DDP datagram too large for buffer

-3102 noMPPErr
MPP driver not installed

-3103 ckSumErr
DDP bad checksum

-3104 extractErr
NBP Can’t find tuple in buffer

-3105 readQErr
Socket or protocol type invalid or not found in table

-3106 atpLenErr
ATP response message too large

Bad response from ATPRequest

ABRecord not found

-3109 sktClosedErr
Asynchronous call aborted because socket was closed before call was completed

-3120 kASLMNotFoundErr

-3124 kASLMInvalidObjectErr

-3125 kASLMPoolCorruptedErr

-3126 kASLMOutOfMemoryErr

-3127 kASLMCodeNotLoadedErr

-3128 kASLMCouldNotLoadCodeErr

-3129 kASLMFilePreflightedErr

-3130 kASLMFileNotPreflightedErr

-3131 kASLMFileNotFoundErr

-3132 kASLMLibraryManagerNotLoadedErr

-3134 kASLMDuplicateFoundErr

-3135 kASLMSeedChangedErr

-3136 kASLMUnconstructedObjectErr

-3137 kASLMInternalErrorErr

-3138 kASLMVersionErrorErr

-3139 kASLMFolderNotFoundErr

-3140 kASLMFolderInUseErr

-3141 kASLMResourceNotFoundErr

-3150 kOTBadAddressErr

-3151 kOTBadOptionErr

-3152 kOTAccessErr

-3153 kOTBadReferenceErr

-3154 kOTNoAddressErr

-3155 kOTOutStateErr kASLMNotAllowedNowErr

-3156 kOTBadSequenceErr

-3157 kOTSysErrorErr

-3158 kOTLookErr

-3159 kOTBadDataErr

-3160 kOTBufferOverflowErr

-3161 kOTFlowErr

-3162 kOTNoDataErr

-3163 kOTNoDisconnectErr

-3164 kOTNoUDErrErr

-3165 kOTBadFlagErr

-3166 kOTNoReleaseErr

-3167 kASLMNotSupportedErr kOTNotSupportedErr

-3168 kOTStateChangeErr

-3169 kOTNoStructureTypeErr

-3170 kOTBadNameErr

-3171 kOTBadQLenErr

-3172 kOTAddressBusyErr

-3173 kOTIndOutErr

-3174 kOTProviderMismatchErr

-3175 kOTResQLenErr

-3176 kOTResAddressErr

-3177 kOTQFullErr

-3178 kOTProtocolErr

-3179 kOTBadSyncErr

-3180 kOTCanceledErr

-3200 kEPERMErr

-3201 kENOENTErr kOTNotFoundErr

-3202 kENORSRCErr

-3203 kEINTRErr

-3204 kEIOErr

-3205 kENXIOErr

-3208 kEBADFErr

-3210 kEAGAINErr

-3211 kOTOutOfMemoryErr kENOMEMErr

-3212 kEACCESErr

-3213 kEFAULTErr

-3215 kEBUSYErr

-3216 kEEXISTErr kOTDuplicateFoundErr

-3218 kENODEVErr

-3221 kEINVALErr

-3224 kENOTTYErr

-3231 kEPIPEErr

-3233 kERANGEErr


-3236 kEALREADYErr

-3237 kENOTSOCKErr


-3239 kEMSGSIZEErr








-3249 kENETDOWNErr





-3254 kENOBUFSErr

-3255 kEISCONNErr

-3256 kENOTCONNErr







-3269 kEPROTOErr

-3270 kETIMEErr

-3271 kENOSRErr

-3272 kEBADMSGErr

-3273 kECANCELErr

-3274 kENOSTRErr

-3275 kENODATAErr


-3277 kESRCHErr

-3278 kENOMSGErr

-3279 kOTClientNotInittedErr

-3280 kOTPortHasDiedErr

-3281 kOTPortWasEjectedErr

-3282 kOTBadConfigurationErr

-3283 kOTConfigurationChangedErr

-3284 kOTUserRequestedErr

-4000 firstPickerError

-4002 pickerResourceError

-4008 badProfileError

Printing failure: no free connect control blocks available

Printing failure: bad connection reference number

Printing failure: request already active

Printing failure: write request too big

Connection to printer closed

Printer not found or closed

-4201 cmIndexRangeErr

-4203 cmFatalProfileErr

-4207 cmSearchError

-4212 cmNoGDevicesError

-5000 afpAccessDenied
Insufficient access privileges for operation

Further information required to complete AFPLogin call

Unknown user authentication method specified

Unknown AFP version number specified

-5004 afpBitmapErr
Bitmap contained bits undefined for call

Move destination is offspring of source, or root was specified

-5006 afpDenyConflict
Specified open/deny modes conflict with current open modes

Cannot delete non-empty directory

Insufficient free space on volume for operation

-5009 afpEofError
Read beyond logical end-of-file

Cannot delete an open file

Cannot create directory on specified volume

-5012 afpItemNotFound
Unknown UserName/UserID or missing comment/APPL entry

-5013 afpLockErr
Some or all of requested range is locked by another user

-5014 afpMiscErr
Unexpected error encountered during execution

-5015 afpNoMoreLocks
Maximum lock limit reached

Server not responding

Specified destination file or directory already exists

Specified file or directory does not exist

-5019 afpParmErr
A specified parameter was out of allowable range

-5020 afpRangeNotLocked
Tried to unlock range that was not locked by user

-5021 afpRangeOverlap
Some or all of range already locked by same user

Session closed

No AFPLogin call has successfully been made for this session

Unsupported AFP call was made

-5025 afpObjectTypeErr
File/Directory specified where Directory/File expected

Maximum open file count reached

Server is shutting down

AFPRename cannot rename volume

Unknown directory specified

-5030 afpIconTypeError
Icon size specified different from existing icon size

-5031 afpVolLocked
Volume is Read-Only

-5032 afpObjectLocked
Object is MODIFY/READ/DELETE/WRITE inhibited

-5033 afpContainsSharedErr
the folder being shared contains a shared folder

-5034 afpIDNotFound

-5035 afpIDExists

-5036 afpDiffVolErr

-5037 afpCatalogChange

-5038 afpSameObjectErr

-5039 afpBadIDErr

-5040 afpPwdSameErr
someone tried to change their password to the same password on a mandatory
password change

-5041 afpPwdTooShortErr
the password being set is too short: there is a minimum length that must be
met or exceeded

-5042 afpPwdExpiredErr
the password being used is too old: this requires the user to change the
password before log-in can continue

-5043 afpInsideSharedErr
the folder being shared is inside or being moved to a shared folder

-5044 afpInsideTrashErr
the folder being shared is inside or being moved to the trash folder

-5063 afpSameNodeErr

-5101 kSRInternalError

-5500 envNotPresent
SysEnvirons call not present as a trap

-5501 envBadVers
Non-positive selector was passed to SysEnvirons trap

-5502 envVersTooBig
The version requested is greater than the current SysEnvirons trap can provide

-5550 gestaltUnknownErr
Value returned if Gestalt doesn’t know the answer

-5551 gestaltUndefSelectorErr
Undefined selector was passed to Gestalt

-5552 gestaltDupSelectorErr
Tried to add an entry that already existed

-5553 gestaltLocationErr
Gestalt function pointer wasn’t in sysheap

-5750 collectionItemLockedErr

-5751 collectionItemNotFoundErr

-5752 collectionIndexRangeErr

-5753 collectionVersionErr

-5775 messageStopLoopingErr

-5776 cantDeleteRunningHandlerErr

-5777 noMessageTableErr

-5778 dupSignatureErr

-5799 messageNotReceivedErr

-6220 kDMGenErr
Display Manager unexpected error

-6221 kDMMirroringOnAlready
Mirroring is on; should be turned off

-6222 kDMWrongNumberOfDisplays
More than two displays attempted

-6223 kDMMirroringBlocked
DMBlockMirroring() has been called

-6224 kDMCantBlock
Can’t Block because mirroring is on (first call DMUnMirror() )

-6225 kDMMirroringNotOn
Mirroring is off; should be turned on

-6226 kSysSWTooOld
Missing critical pieces of System Software

-6227 kDMSWNotInitializedErr
Required software not initialized (eg window manager or display mgr)

-6228 kDMDriverNotDisplayMgrAwareErr
Video Driver does not support display manager

-6229 kDMDisplayNotFoundErr kDMNotFoundErr
Could not find item

-6230 kDMDisplayAlreadyInstalledErr
Attempt to add an already installed display

-6231 kDMMainDisplayCannotMoveErr kDMNoDeviceTableclothErr

Postscript error

No printer chosen

Incompatible printer initialization

Printer not initialized

-8960 codecErr
Codec error

-8961 noCodecErr
No codec error

-8962 codecUnimpErr
Codec unimplemented error

-8963 codecSizeErr
Codec size error

-8964 codecScreenBufErr
Codec screen buffer error

-8965 codecImageBufErr
Codec image buffer error

-8966 codecSpoolErr
Codec spool error

-8967 codecAbortErr
Codec abort error

-8968 codecWouldOffscreenErr
Codec off screen error

-8969 codecBadDataErr
Codec bad data error

-8970 codecDataVersErr
Codec data version error

-8971 codecExtensionNotFoundErr
Codec extension not found error

-8972 codecConditionErr
Codec Condition error

-8973 codecOpenErr
Codec open error

-8974 codecCantWhenErr
Codec Can’t When error

-8975 codecCantQueueErr
Codec Can’t Queue error

-8976 codecNothingToBlitErr
Codec Nothing to Blit error

-9050 kCSBadAdapterErr

-9051 kCSBadAttributeErr

-9052 kCSBadBaseErr

-9053 kCSBadEDCErr

-9054 kCSBadIRQErr

-9055 kCSBadOffsetErr

-9056 kCSBadPageErr

-9057 kCSBadSizeErr

-9058 kCSBadSocketErr

-9059 kCSBadTypeErr

-9060 kCSBadVccErr

-9061 kCSBadVppErr

-9062 kCSBadWindowErr

-9063 kCSBadArgLengthErr

-9064 kCSBadArgsErr

-9065 kCSBadHandleErr

-9066 kCSBadCISErr

-9067 kCSBadSpeedErr

-9068 kCSReadFailureErr

-9069 kCSWriteFailureErr

-9070 kCSGeneralFailureErr

-9071 kCSNoCardErr

-9072 kCSUnsupportedFunctionErr

-9073 kCSUnsupportedModeErr

-9074 kCSBusyErr

-9075 kCSWriteProtectedErr

-9076 kCSConfigurationLockedErr

-9077 kCSInUseErr

-9078 kCSNoMoreItemsErr

-9079 kCSOutOfResourceErr

-9325 ATANoDriverErr

-9326 ATANoDDMErr

-9327 ATAMemoryErr

-9336 ATADmaXferErr

-9337 ATAMgrConsistencyErr

-9338 ATAXferModeErr

-9339 ATAXferParamErr

-9340 ATASDFailErr

-9341 ATAMgrMemoryErr

-9344 AT_NoAddrErr

-9345 ATABusErr

-9346 ATAInternalErr

-9347 ATANoClientErr

-9348 ATAPITxCntErr

-9349 ATAPIPhaseErr

-9371 ATAEjectDrvErr

-9393 ATAPICheckErr

-9394 AT_MCErr

-9396 AT_AbortErr

-9397 AT_RecalErr

-9398 AT_WrFltErr

-9399 AT_SeekErr

-9400 AT_UncDataErr
No device for channel

-9401 AT_CorDataErr
Grab time complete

-9402 AT_BadBlkErr
Can’t do that in current mode

-9403 AT_DMarkErr
Not enough memory to grab

-9404 AT_IDNFErr
Not enough disk space to grab

-9405 AT_NRdyErr
Couldn’t get required component

Bad SG channel

Sequence grab info not available

Device Can’t meet request

Bad controller height

Editing not allowed

Controller bounds not exact

Can’t set width of attached controller

Controller has fixed height

Can’t move attached controller

-10000 errAEEventFailed
Apple Event Failed

-10001 errAETypeError telBadTermErr
Apple Event Type Error

-10002 telBadDNErr errAEBadKeyForm
Apple Event Bad Key Form

-10003 telBadCAErr errAENotModifiable
Apple Event Not Modifiable

-10004 telBadHandErr errAEPrivilegeError
Apple Event Privilege Error

-10005 telBadProcErr errAEReadDenied
Apple Event Read Denied

-10006 errAEWriteDenied errOSACantAssign telCAUnavail
Apple Event Write Denied

-10007 telNoMemErr errAEIndexTooLarge
Apple Event Index Too Large

-10008 telNoOpenErr errAENotAnElement
Apple Event Not An Element

-10009 errAECantSupplyType
Apple Event Can’t Supply Type

-10010 errAECantHandleClass telBadHTypeErr
Apple Event Can’t Handle Class

-10011 errAEInTransaction telHTypeNotSupp
Apple Event In Transaction

-10012 telBadLevelErr errAENoSuchTransaction
Apple Event No Such Transaction

-10013 telBadVTypeErr errAENoUserSelection
Apple Event No User Selection

-10014 telVTypeNotSupp errAENotASingleObject
Apple Event Not A Single Object

-10015 errAECantUndo telBadAPattErr
Apple Event Can’t Undo

-10016 telAPattNotSupp errAELocalOnly
Apple Event Local Only

-10017 telBadIndex errAENoSuchSortType

-10018 errAENoSuchGroupFunction telIndexNotSupp

-10019 telBadStateErr errAEDeadlock

-10020 errAELockRequestTimeout telStateNotSupp

-10021 errAETransactionTimeout telBadIntExt

-10022 telIntExtNotSupp errAENotUnique

-10023 telBadDNDType

-10024 telDNDTypeNotSupp

-10030 telFeatNotSub

-10031 telFeatNotAvail

-10032 telFeatActive

-10033 telFeatNotSupp

-10040 telConfLimitErr

-10041 telConfNoLimit

-10042 telConfErr

-10043 telConfRej

-10044 telTransferErr

-10045 telTransferRej

-10046 telCBErr

-10047 telConfLimitExceeded

-10050 telBadDNType

-10051 telBadPageID

-10052 telBadIntercomID

-10053 telBadFeatureID

-10054 telBadFwdType

-10055 telBadPickupGroupID

-10056 telBadParkID

-10057 telBadSelect

-10058 telBadBearerType

-10059 telBadRate

-10060 telDNTypeNotSupp

-10061 telFwdTypeNotSupp

-10062 telBadDisplayMode

-10063 telDisplayModeNotSupp

-10064 telNoCallbackRef

-10070 telAlreadyOpen

-10071 telStillNeeded

-10072 telTermNotOpen

-10080 telCANotAcceptable

-10081 telCANotRejectable

-10082 telCANotDeflectable

-10090 telPBErr

-10091 telBadFunction

-10102 telNoSuchTool

-10103 telUnknownErr

-10106 telNoCommFolder

-10107 telInitFailed

-10108 telBadCodeResource

-10109 telDeviceNotFound

-10110 telBadProcID

-10111 telValidateFailed

-10112 telAutoAnsNotOn

-10113 telDetAlreadyOn

-10114 telBadSWErr

-10115 telBadSampleRate

-10116 telNotEnoughdspBW

-11000 pictInfoVersionErr
Version number not zero

-11001 pictInfoIDErr
Invalid PictInfo ID

-11002 pictInfoVerbErr
Invalid verb combination specified

-11003 cantLoadPickMethodErr
Custom pick method not in resource chain

-11004 colorsRequestedErr
The number of colors requested was illegal

-11005 pictureDataErr
The picture data was invalid

-13000 pmBusyErr
Power Manager never ready to start handshake

-13001 pmReplyTOErr
Timed out waiting for reply

-13002 pmSendStartErr
Power Manager did not start handshake during send

-13003 pmSendEndErr
Power Manager did not finish handshake during send

-13004 pmRecvStartErr
Power Manager did not start handshake during receive

-13005 pmRecvEndErr
Power Manager did not finish handshake during receive

-15044 kMailBadEnclLengthErr

-15053 kMailIgnoredErr

-15054 kMailLengthErr

-15055 kMailTooManyErr

-15056 kMailNoMSAMErr

-15102 kIPMCacheFillError

-15108 kIPMStreamErr

-15115 kIPMMgrInternalErr

-20000 unknownInsertModeErr
There is no such insert mode

-20001 recordDataTooBigErr
The record data is bigger than buffer size (1024 bytes)

-20002 invalidIndexErr
The recordIndex parameter is not valid

-23000 ipBadLapErr

-23001 ipBadCnfgErr

-23002 ipNoCnfgErr

-23003 ipLoadErr

-23004 ipBadAddr

-23005 connectionClosing

-23006 invalidLength

-23007 connectionExists

-23008 connectionDoesntExist

-23009 insufficientResources

-23010 invalidStreamPtr

-23011 streamAlreadyOpen

-23012 connectionTerminated

-23013 invalidBufPtr

-23014 invalidRDS invalidWDS

-23015 openFailed

-23016 commandTimeout

-23017 duplicateSocket

-23032 ipDontFragErr

-23033 ipDestDeadErr

-23035 icmpEchoTimeoutErr

-23036 ipNoFragMemErr

-23037 ipRouteErr

-23041 nameSyntaxErr

-23042 cacheFault

-23043 noResultProc

-23044 noNameServer

-23045 authNameErr

-23046 noAnsErr

-23047 dnrErr

-23048 outOfMemory

-27000 gxLastSystemError

-27700 gxFirstSystemDebuggingError

-27800 gxFirstImplementationLimitError

-27850 gxFirstParameterError

-27851 gxLastFontScalerError

-27880 unknown_font_scaler_error

-27885 font_scaler_internal_error

-27886 font_scaler_rasterizer_error

-27887 font_scaler_hinting_error

-27900 gxFirstFontScalerError

-27948 internal_layout_error

-27949 internal_font_error

-27950 internal_error gxFirstNonfatalError

-27951 gxLastFatalError

-27998 internal_fatal_error

-27999 gxFirstSystemError gxFirstFatalError

-28461 kQ3ErrorPrivateExtensionError

-28462 kQ3ErrorExtensionError

-28484 kQ3ErrorX11Error

-28485 kQ3ErrorMacintoshError

-28486 kQ3ErrorUnixError

-28498 kQ3ErrorLastFatalError

-28500 kQ3ErrorInternalError

-29250 kMPLastError

-29288 kMPLibraryInternalInconsistencyError

-29295 kMPDeletedErr

-29296 kMPTimeoutErr

-29297 kMPTaskAbortedErr

-29298 kMPInsufficientResourcesErr

-29299 kMPFirstError kMPInvalidIDErr

Not a text file

Not enough heap space to allocate I/O buffer

Not enough heap space to allocate I/O control block

I/O system error (illegal use of buffer)

Too many includes

Attempt to use I/O control block which is currently in use

Illegal use of I/O control block

Invalid file type

Inconsistent dump format

Bus error: invalid memory reference

Address error: word or long-word reference to an odd address

Illegal instruction

Zero divide

Check exception: value out of range

Trap V exception

Privilege violation

Trace exception

Line 1010 exception: the 1010 trap dispatcher has failed

Line 1111 exception: Unimplemented instruction

Miscellaneous exception

Unimplemented core routine: Unimplemented trap number encountered

Spurious interrupt

I/O system error

Segment Loader error: a GetResource call failed

Floating point error

Can’t load package

Can’t load package

Can’t load package

Can’t load package

Can’t load package

Can’t load package

Can’t load package

Can’t load package

Can’t allocate requested memory block in heap

Segment Loader error: a GetResource call to read a ‘CODE’ resource failed

File map destroyed

Stack overflow: the stack has expanded into the heap

File server error

“Please insert the disk”

The file named “Finder” Can’t be found on the disk

Unable to load menu bar defproc

Circular reference in hierarchical menu

Can’t mount system startup volume

-32615 fontNotOutlineErr
Bitmap font passed to routine that does outlines only

-32640 svDisabled
Reserve range -32640 to -32768 for Apple temp disables.

Bad component selector

Bad component instance

-32768 fatalDateTime svTempDisable
Temporarily disable card but run primary init.