Peter’s Programming Notes

Peter’s Programming Notes


Original Material

This section lists my novel contributions to the topic of programming and authoring shareware professionally. The next section has an assortment of links related to programming. Of course, there is no lack of information on programming on the Internet, so our list of links is basically just a random sample...

Third-Party Material

This section describes similar or related material by other people who know what they are talking about...

Here are some links to interesting Pascal or Macintosh specific programming resources.

A Final Note on Programming

We recommend to you Writing Solid Code by Steve Maguire. If you read this book and implement the techniques he suggests you will write more bug free, reliable code. It is that simple.

Writing Solid Code is really about a particular attitude to coding, with lots of specific advice about how to avoid doing Bad Things. For a sample of what Writing Solid Code is like, see the (otherwise unrelated) article The Veteran Neophyte: Killing Time Killers.