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Woodworking Projects

This is a list of various wood working projects I've been involved with. Most are very simple (because I'm not very talented), and indeed it is often necessary to repear over and over that we should keep it simple!


Screen Printing Frame for Ann-Marie

Ann-Marie (my sister) works in a child care center and wanted some screen printing frames. These are basically just like an empty picture frame with a screen mesh over them. They cost about AU$30 each. We built two for about AU$15 using minimal tools.

Materials (for one):



Cut the 20*50mm wood into four pieces, two (just smaller than) 50cm and two 30cm. Its not important the exact length, but it is important that the pairs be the exactly the same length.

Place the picese of wood as shown (or in any other rectangular form), hold them in place and then temporarily staple gun them together with a few staples at each join.

Gently place this structure over the mesh, fold the mesh over one side (so that it covers the bottom, outside and most of the top) and staple gun it being careful to keep it stretched. Keeping it stretched tightly, fold it over the rest of the sides and staple gun it all the way around.

Cut the 20*70mm wood as shown to produce four angled pieces. Place one at a time in a corner as shown in the bottom left corner of the diagram over the folded mesh on the top (the mesh should be stretched flat on the bottom of the frame) and nail it into place with a few nails on each side of the join. These give the frame regidity, so be gentle until after this is done.

Screen Printing Frame Diagram

Cool Cat Scratching Poll for Ann-Marie