Peter’s Projects

Peter’s Projects

Current Projects

Nonogram Solver I was doing some Nonograms, and thought writing a Nonogram Solver would be more fun.
Desk Calendar Free Standing Desk Calendar.
Etching Machine CNC PCB Etching Machine (draft design in POV-RAY only so far).
Music Toy A Musical toy for my daughter - basically a framework for making toys that can play music or speech in response to buttons and so on. Prototype AVR with DAC and speaker working, but I need more flash to play longer music, so I want to build a PCB, hence the Etching Machine project.
Sungroper We built and are developing a solar car to compete in the World Solar Challenge. We raced the car in November 2001, and covered 2300km under our solar power.
Model Yacht Nikola & I are building two model yachts (very slowly!).
Electronics Electronics projects I've been involved with.
Woodworking Woodworking projects I've been involved with.

Future Projects

PVR Personal Video Players - A device with harddisk, ethernet, IR remote, CD/DVD drive, 2 x TV tuner, TV output, and radio tuner that can play DVDs (region free), Play TV, record TV to harddisk, pause live TV, play video from harddisk, play CD (audio & MP3), Record CD (audio & MP3), play audio from harddisk, jukebox functionality, web based interface for operating/programming, IR based interface for operating/programming.
Sean Cleary adds that he wants: 2 x HD digital receivers, picture in picture, 2 x outputs to watch live and recorded on two TVs, interoperate with firewire and USB Digital Video camcorders and Still cameras, 5.1 audio out (and more).
Marquetry My dad has done some marquetry, and I'd like to do one one day.
Steam Engine Steam Engine.
Electric Engine Electric Engine.
Candle Driven Toy A candle driven windmill or other sort of toy.
Train Set I have a fair amount of HO train gear, but it is all packed away - one day that will have to change.
Water Feature Water wheel, loch, waterfall?
Wooden Toys Wooden Toys.
Electric Model Glider I have flown petrol powered model planes and also model gliders, I'd like something in between (easier to launch than a glider, but less messy than a petrol powered model plane).
Robot I have been involved with various robotic projects (with fairly minimal success generally) and will hopefully build another one in the future.
Candy Dispenser Candy Dispenser.
Coin Collector Coin Collector box.

Past Projects

Model Plane I've built and flown various model planes (petrol powered and gliders).
Computers I've designed and built various computers based on Z80 and NS 32000 processors. Usually these days I just use Atmel AVR microcontrollers.
ARMODA My Comp Sci honours project was the design and implementation of an optimizing compiler for a launguage we designed which was loosely based on Modula II and Ada.