Peter’s Personal Pages

Peter’s Personal Pages



This web site is for my personal ramblings. It will likely be of interest only to the terminally curious (although there does seem to be a lot of people in that category). It contains some various random things related to my interests.


Amy Amy Jade Lewis is our daughter, born 27 Nov 2002.
Robert Robert Peter Lewis is our son, born 26 Nov 2004.
Belinda Belinda Jane Lewis is our daughter, born 10 Feb 2007.
Projects Past, current, and future projects (Latest: Desktop Calendar).
Metalwork Metalwork information and projects.
PVRs Summary of the PVR situation in Australia.
Solar Generation The details my 1.5kW solar electric generation system and graph of its generated electricity.
Programming Lots of information about programming (Mac/Pascal/Shareware/etc).
Articles Various, usually short, How To, articles I have written.
Perl Examples Some example Perl programs, especially using ImageMagick
Mac OS X Information I have learned about Mac OS X, particularly installing unix software.
Morals This Moral Training List comes from Growing Kids God's Way
William Dawes Information on my ancestor, Lt. William Dawes, explorer, astronomer, Australian First Fleeter, and abolitionist.
Books Books I particularly like.
Recipes I'm a pretty mediocre cook, and I don't cook much, so I keep a handy set of recipes that are easy to make.
Companies My Favorite (Perth) Companies.
Thanks Lists people and companies that have helped me along the way.


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