Peter’s Metalwork: AL-60/G0516/Sieg C6/M2

AL-60/G0516/Sieg C6/M2


I own an AL-60 Lathe with Milling Attachment, also known as a Grizzly G0516 or Sieg C6 (Sieg M2 with milling attachment). It is a 10x21 class lathe, similar to the standard 9x20 but slightly larger and generally better made, although not as popular which sometimes is a disadvantage as the modification and parts are not always as available.


I have transcribed the manual, although it is full of not quite english and not entirely clear text, most of which I have not attempted to improve for fear of making good english that is not actually correct.

Mailing Lists

There are two relevant mailing lists, the SiegM2andGrizzlyG0516 Yahoo Group, which is specific to this type of machine, but very low volume, and the 9x20Lathe Yahoo Group, which is targetted at the more generic, slightly smaller lathe, but has lots of discussions, much of it applicable to general lathe work on this hobby level lathe.